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caring for people’s health

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The Boryung Company,
envisioning a world with a
healthy mankind.

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Boryung’ goal is to develop
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The research team at Boryung
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The best global company.


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An introduction of Boryung ’ value -
Envisioning a healthy mankind.


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An introduction of Boryung
Pharmaceutical’ value - Envisioning
a healthy mankind.


An introduction of video
and printed advertisements of Boryung.


Ethical Management

Ethical management of Boryung, a company that creates values for life.

  • Policy on Corruption Prevention

    Boryung Co., Ltd. enacts and practices Anti-bribery policy to become a trusted global company that achieves ‘realization of coexistence and coprosperity with humanism’ based on transparent and fair management.

    1. 1. We never be involved in corruptive or illegal activities in performing our business.
    2. 2. We never receive or promise any bribes such as money and valuables, hospitality, treat, convenience and gifts from any interested parties in any name.
    3. 3. We comply with all domestic and overseas laws related to corruption prevention, international agreements, requirements of Anti-bribery management system and internal regulations.
    4. 4. We establish and comply with Anti-bribery policy and Anti-bribery management system to minimize corruption risks, contributing to the achievement of company’s goal.
    5. 5. Person in charge of Anti-bribery compliance is given independent responsibility and authority related to Anti-bribery management to establish and operate Anti-bribery management system of the company and to provide advices and guidelines to all employees required to solve related issues.
    6. 6. We establish goals for Anti-bribery to prevent and reduce corruption risk of the company, centering on the person in charge of Anti-bribery compliance and implement this to continuously improve Anti-bribery management system.
    7. 7. If we recognize any behaviors that violate this policy and laws related to corruption prevention, we will immediately notify this to the company, and the company thoroughly prevents the identity of reporter and do not allow any acts of retaliation or other less favorable treatment.
    8. 8. If employees violate this policy, the company will take appropriate measures according to the internal regulations.

    Daniel Chang, CEO of Boryung

    서로 악수하는 사진


    We are open to any reports on unethical behaviors contrary to ethical management of the company and employees, and we absolutely keep confidentiality of the reporter.
    We wil process the reports as soon as possible and notify its results to the reporter in the way he/she wants.


    E-mail :

    Tel : 010-4453-2560

    Mail : Person in charge of corruption prevention, 7F, Boryung Building, 136, Changgyeonggung-ro, Jongno-gu, Seoul (Old: 110-750, New: 03127)