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Envisioning a healthy mankind.


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An introduction of Boryung
Pharmaceutical’ value - Envisioning
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An introduction of video
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Environment System

  • Management of Energy Consumption and Greenhouse Gas

    Electricity, LNG and steam are the main consumption of energy, and we perform activities for reducing energy consumption and greenhouse gas emission through the following activities.

    1. Investment of energy reduction device to utility facilities such as air compressor and freezer

    2. Investment on sequential replacement of LED lamp in logistics warehouse and research institutes

    3. Installation of inverter to cold water pump, etc.

    4. Management of power peak in summer season and management or appropriate indoor temperature

    5. Efficient (minimal) operation of utility facilities during holiday seasons

  • Management of Water and Waste Water

    Water is used to produce purified water and injection water required for producing pharmaceuticals and is also used for fire water and wet scrubber in air-prevention facility, and water and waste water are managed through the following activities.

    1. Recycling rate of water was 8.8% in 2018 and 6.0% in 2019. 7.3% of rate is achieved in 2020

    2. RO concentrated water that is generated from production of purified water is reused in cooling water

    3. Self-measurement and monitoring for raw water and treated water of general and specific water pollutants

  • Management of Air Pollutant

    We comply with Air Environmental Conservation Act by properly operating air pollution prevention facilities and perform the following activities to minimize the air pollutant emissions.

    1. Daily inspection for air pollution prevention facilities

    2. Shortened operation of replacement cycle of activated carbon than legal replacement cycle

    3. Continuous investment on air pollution prevention facilities

    4. Self-measurement and monitoring for emission outlets of general and specific air pollutant

  • Waste Management

    We process general and designated wastes and pharmaceutical wastes discharged from the workplace by complying with the Waste Control Act, and perform the following activities to increase recycling rate.

    1. Recycling rate of wastes was 17.8% in 2018 and 69.9% in 2019. 73.9% of rate is achieved in 2020

    2. Discharge, move, process and manage wastes by operating Waste Legitimate Management System (Allbaro System)

    3. Discover company that can recycle waste synthetic resin and process recycling

    4. Separate wastes with high calories and process recycling (Fueling)

  • Management of Chemicals

    We perform the following activities so that workers treat hazardous chemicals safely while complying with Chemicals Control Act to minimize chemical accidents

    1. Self-inspection for facilities handling hazardous chemicals(once a week)

    2. Regular inspection for hazardous chemicals(once a year)

    3. Use alternate materials of refrigerant by investing in freezer facilities (Methanol →Ethylene glycol)

    4. Conduct training with alternative and the worst scenario (Chemical leaks, explosion, fire, etc.)

    5. Transportation of chemical substances : under the supervision of the logistics team when unloading raw materials