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  • Boryung Awards for Medical Service

    Finds true medical personnel to admire their virtue

    • We find and award medical personnel and medical group who devote to show their medical skills and love.

      Boryung Award for Medical Service is made to contribute to building beautiful society as well as establishing true image of medical personnel by finding and awarding medical personnel and groups who can be called as ‘Albert Schweitzer in this land’ as they devote to show their medical skills and love to underprivileged people around us in vulnerable areas of medical services in Korea and foreign countries such as mountain areas, remote islands and remote areas despite of poor circumstances. Since 1985, Boryung and Doctors News of Korean Medical Association have jointly performed this award every year.

      ‘Finding Albert Schweitzer in this land...

      KRW 30 million is given as the prize money, and plaque and medal have been awarded to other winners in addition to grand prize winner, expressing gratitude and encouragement to their efforts. Dr. Yu Il-seong, who was the first winner, mentioned that ‘Boryung Award for Medical Service became an opportunity for me to have passion on medical services’. As he said, if Boryung Award of Medical Service became an opportunity to strengthen their rewards and new of true medical personnel, we will be honored to see the name of ‘Boryung’ in front of the award.

      We met 171 Schweitzers in 37 years

  • Boryung Essay Award of Doctor

    Essay is a walk in our mind.
    There is scent of life and lingers left in it.
    - Among ‘essay’ of Pi Cheon-deuk

    • Moving story written by healing hand of doctor who practices medicine with hands

      As a part of philosophy on social contribution, Boryung created Boryung Essay Award of Doctors to provide doctors a motivation of creative activities and the public including patients an opportunity to meet the world of doctors, contributing to the creation of brighter and healthier society.
      ‘Korean Essay Literature Promotion Association’ determines winners for grand prize, gold prize, silver prize and bronze prize after having preliminaries and main stage among works applied with free topic, and 133 doctors have been honored with the award for last 16 years.
      In particular, winner for grand prize can publish his/her essay on , an essay magazine and will be treated as an author. Boryung Essay Award of Doctors which was first made and conducted in 2005, will be continued based on the Boryung’s will to contribute to the development of Korean cultural projects.

  • Boryung Cancer Academic Award

    It commemorates the achievement of medical
    personnel who has been contributed
    to the field of oncology in Korea.
    • We commemorate achievement of medical personnel who contributed to the improvement of public health in the field of oncology, and support their research activities.

      Boryung Cancer Academic Award is first made in 2002 jointly by Boryung and Foundation of Cancer Research to promote academic activities in the field of oncology in Korea and to encourage doctors who make excellent achievements in the field of cancer research through continuous research. This award is given to doctors who have been worked in the field of oncology for more than 5 years and whose research achievements have contributed to the development of oncology in Korea. As of January 1st of the award year, the award is given to 1 doctor once a year after reviewing academic achievements during the past 3 years based on papers presented in domestic and overseas academic journals related to the field of oncology.