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The Boryung Company,
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An introduction of Boryung ’ value -
Envisioning a healthy mankind.


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An introduction of Boryung
Pharmaceutical’ value - Envisioning
a healthy mankind.


An introduction of video
and printed advertisements of Boryung.


Environment Management

  • Organization for Promoting Environment Management

    We promote and operate environment management through head office of management support, environmental safety team in Ansan Factory and person in charge of environment in Support Team in Yesan Factory, and policy on environment of Boryung is finally approved though the board of director.

  • Environment Goals

    Boryung will try our best to make virtuous cycle of resources by reducing green gas emission and increasing recycling rate of wastes through energy reduction activities for sustainable development.

    2020 Environment Management performance

    1. We have shortened the replacement cycle of activated carbon (filling) in air pollution control equipment and properly treated gaseous pollutants.
    2. The Roots Blower used to supply the air required for microbial control to the wastewater treatment facility has been changed to Turbo Blower to stably treat the wastewater and save energy.
    3. We changed to an alternative substance (ethylene glycol) through capital investment in an EG refrigerator in the synthesis process that used a toxic chemical substance (methanol) for refrigerant. 4. We have installed additional absorption equipment in all air pollution control Equipment to reduce air pollutant emissions.
    5. We installed energy reduction equipment at support facilities, and replaced distribution warehouse and laboratory lamps with LED lamps to save energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

    2021 Environment Management plan

    1. Additional installation of air pollution control equipment to reduce the emission of harmful substances.
    2. Additional installation of an additional gas warning system to detect chemical substance leaks in advance and to comply with the Chemical Substance Control Act.
    3. Complementing and preventive maintenance of facilities for the proper operation of aging wastewater treatment facilities.
    4. Replacing wastewater treatment plant and water treatment room lamps with LED lamps to save energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions