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caring for people’s health

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The Boryung Company,
envisioning a world with a
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The research team at Boryung
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An introduction of Boryung ’ value -
Envisioning a healthy mankind.


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An introduction of Boryung
Pharmaceutical’ value - Envisioning
a healthy mankind.


An introduction of video
and printed advertisements of Boryung.


Code of Ethics

  • Code of Ethics of Boryung

    Boryung tries to achieve management philosophy of 「realization of coexistence and coprosperity with humanism」 based on transparent and fair management.
    Boryung respects the order of free market economy that pursues fair and transparent competition as well as cultures and customs of all regions and countries where business activities are made and faithfully perform rights and duties as a corporate citizen by complying with laws and morals. In addition, Boryung creates new values for customers through professional and efficient management, and pursues shared interests with the interested parties based on mutual trust and cooperation.
    People of Boryung make every effort in their duties based on the spirit of creativity and harmony and attitude of sincerity, patience and effort, and establish sound organizational culture that respects and considers others.
    We hereby promise to enact 「Code of Ethics of Boryung」 that becomes a standard for desirable behavior and value judgment Boryung people should keep and actively practice it.

    Chapter 1 Set count on customers

    Boryung respects customer’s opinion, provides them the best values, keep the promise with them and protect their interests to secure infinite trust from them based on the belief that customers are the foundation of the company’s existence.

    Chapter 2 Set count on stockholders

    We realize stable profits through fruitful management to protect stockholder’s return on investment and build mutual trust relationship.

    Chapter 3 Basic ethics of employees

    Employees of Boyrung practice organizing, tidying and cleaning with the spirit of creativity and harmony and attitudes of sincerity, patience and effort to establish desirable value as Boryung people. We also complete our mission through continuous self-development and fair job performance and keep honor and dignity of Boryung people by keeping manners and etiquette that considers others.

    Chapter 4 Set count on employees

    Boryung respects all employees as one human being, treats them fairly according to their competencies and performances and creates the optimal environment so that each of employees can demonstrate their creativity.

    Chapter 5 Coexistence of partner companies

    All the transactions with partner companies are guaranteed for fair opportunities of participation according to the principle of coexistence and coprosperity, and mutual trust relationship is built through fair and transparent transaction.

    Chapter 6 Responsibilities on country and local society

    Boryung faithfully performs roles and duties required by society based on corporate citizenship , pursues joint development through harmony and cooperation with local communities and makes every effort to improve spiritual and physical quality of life of mankind.

    Chapter 7 Compliance and practice of code of ethics

  • Practice guidelines on the code of ethics for employees of Boryung

    ① Boryung enacts 『Practice guidelines on the code of ethics for employees of Boryung』to practice company-level ethical management and makes it as the principle of ethical decision making and behaviors of all employees.
    ② All employees thoroughly comply with Practice guidelines on the code of ethics for employees of Boryung』in performing their duties.
    ③ This guideline is to regulate matters necessary to report on money and valuables, hospitality, treat and convenience in relation to the practice of Boryung’s ethical management.

    Prohibited acts

    1. Bribes and improper donation
    2. Bribery on money and valuables or economic profits
    3. Bribery on hospitality and treat
    4. Bribery on convenience
    5. Bribery on debt repayment and guarantee
    6. Borrowing such as money
    7. Bribery on guarantee for future