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caring for people’s health

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The Boryung Company,
envisioning a world with a
healthy mankind.

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Boryung’ goal is to develop
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The research team at Boryung
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An introduction of Boryung ’ value -
Envisioning a healthy mankind.


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An introduction of Boryung
Pharmaceutical’ value - Envisioning
a healthy mankind.


An introduction of video
and printed advertisements of Boryung.


Corporate Social Responsibilities

The company create society that respects the value of life and that is all together.

  • Boryung, puts human health and public interestsin top priority

    Boryung puts human health and public interests in top priority,
    and is making every effort to create society that respects the value of life and that is all together.

Sharing life

The company practices life sharing by supporting treatment of incurable diseases of children.

The company encourages employees to participate in blood donation through in-house blood donation campaign every year since 2009, and shows sincere heart by donating all funds collected through employee’s donation and bazaars as treatment expenses for children cancer and handicapped child.

1,268 blood donation certificate donated [as of 2020]

Support human resource development

The company is trying to cultivate talented human resources through future-oriented and developmental cooperation relationship of industry-academia.

The company selects 2 excellent students from College of Pharmacy, Chungnam National University to support scholarship every year since 2005. For scholarship students, the company provides career consultation, mentoring service and opportunity to experience organizational culture through a personality and aptitude test.

Sponsorship for community

The company contributes to the development of community through sponsorship of ‘Boryung Mud Festival’, a representative global festival in Korea.

In addition, the company is contributing to the development of community and advanced culture by donating profits from Boryung Mud Festival since 2009.

  • Donation activities of employees

    We deliver love to underprivileged people around us through voluntary donation of employees

    It becomes a valuable help for precious dream and healthy future of underprivileged children in Jongno-gu and Yesan-gun, where are supported by Boryung Jungbo Foundation.

    Accumulated contributions: KRW 301,183,530 [As of 2021]

    Happy sharing for happy life of children in Jongno-gu and Yesan-gun

    • Support cultural experience activities such as sports day on Children’s Day and orchestra class

    • Operate ‘having wing camp’ for preliminary middle school students

    • Support operational expenses to local children’s center for teenagers

    • Emergency aid and support for children in crisis families

    Sharing hope, a cornerstone for growth of multi-cultural and handicapped children

    •Korean language class for multi-cultural students in lower grade

    •Field trip program during vacation for handicapped children and teenagers

  • Donation activities of pharmaceuticals

    The company practices coexistence and coprosperity by donating pharmaceuticals.

    Boryung has been donating pharmaceuticals through welfare associations, social organizations and religious groups for underprivileged people in Korea and foreign countries in need of pharmaceuticals.

    Donation activities of pharmaceuticals
    Year No. of Donation Donate to Amount (KRW)
    2016 99 Community Chest of Korea and others 61,887,999
    2017 87 Bad for Good and others 26,712,194
    2018 102 Paju 1004 and others 40,135,755
    2019 113 Friends and others 44,913,339
    2020 21 Korea Pharmaceutical and Bio-Pharma Manufacturers Association and others 23,200,980
    2021 12 Raphael donation and others. 11,471,730
    Total 434 208,321,997
  • Awards

    Awarded ‘the best honor of medal for merit from Red Cross Members‘

    Medal for merit of Red Cross Members is an award given to group or individual who has greatly contributed to the improvement of human welfare based on noble love and service spirit.