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An introduction of Boryung
Pharmaceutical’ value - Envisioning
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An introduction of video
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Safety and Health Management

Boryung provides recruitment checkup and comprehensive medical examination to all employees. We provide special medical checkup for factories and research institutes that handle especially hazardous factors, and also perform follow-up management through additional medical checkup when finding main observer and suspected employees of diseases presented by Ministry of Employment and Labor. We are making every effort for health and safety of employees by continuously expanding welfare with the concern on employee’s safety and health.

  • Safety and Health Management

    1. Support comprehensive medical examination for all employees (worth KRW 1,000,000), free support for inoculation of influenza vaccine
    2. Make effort to prevent accidents in advance, declare to make activities for promoting health to prevent overwork
    3. Provide accident compensation under Industrial Accident Compensation Insurance Act in case of any accidents occurred during performing business
    4. Operate paid sick leave system

  • Operation of Safety and Health Management System

    We acquire ISO 45001 (Safety and health management system) certificate to prevent industrial accidents of employees and to create pleasant working environment. We established procedures and guidelines through safety and health management system, and assess risk factors in the field to solve them through PDCA process.

  • Operation of Occupational Safety and Health Committee

    Through the occupational safety and health committee that is held once a quarter, we decide policies on safety and health to prevent industrial accidents and occupational diseases by deliberating and deciding various matters on safety and health.

  • Operation of Subcontract Consultative Organization and Performance of Joint Inspection

    We created subcontract consultative organization with in-house partners and conduct monthly meeting and joint inspection (once a quarter) to prevent accidents that can be occurred during subcontracting in advance and to cooperate with subcontract companies for safety and health activities, making every effort in preventing industrial accidents.

  • Assessment of Working Environment and Performance of Health Checkup

    We try to manage health and improve working field to minimize exposure of hazardous factors to employees by assessing working environment once a half year or once a year. Based on this, we provide regular follow-up management for main observer and suspected employees of diseases by performing special health checkup before deploying employees. We also provide comprehensive medical examination on regular basis so that employees can find serious individual diseases in advance and get the appropriate treatment in early stages.

  • Activities for Improving Safety and Operation of Reward System

    We operate proposal system for improving safety in which employees find and solve risk factors while they work to prevent industrial accidents. We count the outcomes every year, select excellent proposers and provide rewards so that employees can actively participate in this safety and health activities.

  • Occurrence of Industrial Accidents

    Occurrence of industrial accidents
    Year 2018 2019 2020 2021
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