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Access to Medicine

  • Dialysis project

    Pioneering localization of dialysis for patients

    The philosophy of Boryung of ‘a company contributing to the human health’ is directly applied to dialysis project.
    Boryung entered the field of dialysis in 1990. At that time, patients had great pains during continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis (CAPD) since the medical technology was not developed, and they were suffering from long period of treatment and expensive costs. As a lot of money and time was required in R&D of dialysis project, domestic pharmaceutical companies weren’t very interested in this field. However, Boryung engaged in this project without clinging to the profits. The company relieved the pains of dialysis patients by successfully making localization of dialysate for the first time in Korea.
    Dialysis project of Boryung presented reasonable costs for drug, creating an opportunity to make new change in dialysis industry in Korea.

    Boryung’s technology that focused in localization

    - Boryung, which started project for localization of dialysis, made technical partnership with Fresenius in Germany in 1990 and produced dialysate for the first time as domestic pharmaceutical company
    - Boryung donated KRW 100 million for research fund to Korea Kidney Association in 1992 to research and develop dialysate, encouraging researches on kidney for peritoneal dialysis patients
    - Boryung Central Research Institute launched ‘Perisys’, a dialysate in 1999, succeeding localization of dialysis
    - Boryung released ‘Peri Plus’, a bicarbonate dialysate product which as succeeded for complete localization with its own technology
    on October 2005 ※ Bicarbonate dialysate increases hydrogen ion concentrate (pH) that was closest to acidity into pH 7.3~7.4, similar with human body to improve biological synthetic rate and to reduce side effects
    - Boryung acquired domestic patent on tube for peritoneal dialysis in 2005
    ※It is a patent on the most important connector among drug delivery system that is used for peritoneal dialysis. It reduced the number of connection and exposure by one step from the existing connecting method to reduce risk of peritoneal infection and improve usability, being considered as next-generation product

    Operate dialysis consultation center to provide accurate information

    Boryung opened dialysis consultation center to provide accurate information on kidney diseases and improve the quality of treatment on March 7, 1990.
    Such efforts that were made based on volunteering spirit to provide convenience in the treatment of diseases and corporate philosophy for human health demonstrate the fact that management of Boryung is focusing on customers.