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An introduction of Boryung ’ value -
Envisioning a healthy mankind.


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An introduction of Boryung
Pharmaceutical’ value - Envisioning
a healthy mankind.


An introduction of video
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Company Overview

Boryung Pharmaceutical – Walking a Single Path for 50 years, Envisioning a Healthy World

  • CEO Message

    Boryung Pharmaceutical Pursues Continuous and Intense Innovation

    Boryung Pharmaceutical strives to be a company which will continue to practice ‘contributing to the health of mankind’ by preparing for the future and taking on challenges with innovation.

    Through our best efforts, Boryung Pharmaceutical has been accomplishing our mission of ‘contributing to the health of mankind’ and ‘practicing interdependence based on humanism’ ever since we were founded in 1963. From the times when our people sweat and toiled in the economic fronts, we have made every effort to free everyone from the pains of disease through constant research and producing high-quality medicine, even making efforts to ensure accurate delivery. As a result, the people of Korea have come to love our products, products such as Gelfos M, Yonggaksan, and Gu-sim, and we are proud that we have become the company that is now so familiar to all.

    Now, our country’s economy is at a crossroads to join the ranks of developed countries. Social and cultural aspects of our country already show signs of being in the advanced country stage. A few representative reflection of being in the advanced stage are low birth rates and a large increase in diseases due to aging population. Thus, the people of Korea are more keen on enjoying healthy lives. To keep pace with these changes, Boryung Pharmaceutical plans to continue the focus on research and development of new drugs and employing advanced marketing techniques, thereby producing superior pharmaceutical products that increase the ‘quality of life’. In order to accomplish this, Boryung Pharmaceutical will pursue continuous and intense innovation. In 2017, we had proclaimed a new vision of ‘ Lifetime Care Company for better life quality by best clinical based science’, by this, we are implementing and planning specific plans for innovated products, ingenious reconstruction of process and manpower.

    Boryung Pharmaceutical is a company that prepares for the future by constantly facing challenges with innovation.
    With this in mind, we strive to realize our ultimate goal of ‘contributing to the health of mankind.’ Therefore, we ask for your interests and supports.
    Thank you.

    Boryung CEO Daniel Chang

    겹쳐진 손들위에 올려져 있는 흙더미위에 솟은 작은 싹
  • Company Philosophy

    Contribute to the Progress of the Pharmaceutical Industry through the Spirit of Interdependence

    A Spirit of Interdependence to Contribute to the Health of Mankind

    Boryung Pharmaceutical is contributing to the progress and development of the pharmaceutical industry by using the spirit of interdependence via commitment to human health. Accordingly, we are striving to realize the company’s vision of Lifetime Care Company. Boryung Pharmaceutical pursues an ‘achievement of interdependence based on humanism’ and participates in various corporate philanthropic activities. Furthermore, we aim to become a global company, not by becoming content, but by continuously innovating and transforming.

    By adhering to the ‘Boryung Code of Conduct’, through wholesome and transparent corporate management, Boryung Pharmaceutical strives to accomplish our management philosophy: ‘the achievement of interdependence based on humanism.’

    We will perform the rights and duties as society member in good faith by respecting the order of the free market, maintain fair and transparent competition, respecting the culture and customs of all countries we carry out business in, and complying with all laws and morals.

    In addition, we create new value for our customers through professional and efficient management, and we pursue the common interests of shareholders on the basis of mutual trust and cooperation. Boryung employees carry out their work with creativity, harmony, honesty, endurance, and effort. We are committed to the company culture of respecting and showing consideration of others.

  • History

    Boryung Pharmaceutical – Past and Present

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    Following One Path Despite Trials and Hardships - The Story of Boryung Pharmaceutical’ Past and Present